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Hidden in Plain Sight

November 15, 2018

Domestic violence takes many forms: sometimes it takes the form of our best friend, of our loved one, of a neighbor, of a stranger in passing, and sometimes it even takes the form of your own face. Domestic violence is hidden in plain sight. Survivors and victims are all around us, some willing to talk about their experience and some not. Domestic Violence survivors are not often marked by obvious bruises or a black eye. There are many unseen layers to DV, often unseen in a physical appearance. My artwork will attempt to demonstrate this through a landscape of 2D mixed media art. The dimensions will be at approximately 36 by 18 inches (although it may be larger). In this rectangle I will show a group of women of different races and ages, depicting them from behind (see below). The survivors will be identified with the purple ribbon provided by SPAN (either painted on or glued has yet to be decided) tied in their hair. The idea is that, were it not for the purple ribbon, there would be no way to distinguish the survivors from the rest.

Hidden in Plain Sight